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We are the New Ventures and VIWALA family, created by mentors, investors, allies, and entrepreneurs.

We are your community!

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During your journey as an entrepreneur, we support you in your day-to-day challenges and share your achievements. We offer you permanent services to orient yourself with your business at any time.

Our services are divided into 3 sections:

Ask me!

We solve your doubts about any topic related to your business, ask us what you need and we connect you with an expert on the subject. How can you ask for this service?


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    Fill out the form
  • 3
    You will receive an email to choose a date
  • 4
    We will send you the zoom link
  • 5
    Reminder 30 min before the meeting

Actualize me!

An entrepreneur is always in constant learning, that's why we update activities and information about relevant topics for you and your business during each stage.

Workshops, webinars, courses, articles, informative content, special guests, and more we will be updating on social media each week.

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Connect me!

We have a network of investors and allies interested in projects like yours. We connect you with them, the rest it’s your turn.

If you are part of Colectiva NV send us an e-mail at colectiva@nvgroup.org with this information:

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    The amount of investment you need.
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    Your pitch deck
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    The reason or motive for the investment.

First time in New Ventures? Don’t worry, check the dates for the next acceleration programs here. Once you are graduated from a program, you can be part of Colectiva NV.