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We are the New Ventures, VIWALA, and Adobe family, created by mentors, investors, allies, and entrepreneurs.

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Be an ambassador for New Ventures and promote our mission in Mexico and the world. Access opportunities to strengthen your businesses as well as personal and professional networks through networking with changemakers and innovative companies.

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What is the Sustainable Minds Network?

It is an active and committed network of mentors from different sectors, specializations, and regions who, in addition to being high-level, are very interested in impact entrepreneurship.


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Keyla Campuzano
Project Manager Colectiva NV

Get to know our mentors

Alberto Gómez Obregón

Managing Parter at Co_Capital

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Alejandro Morales

Consultor independiente

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Amanda Jacobson

Chief of Staff at Oyster Financial

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Carlos Michel

President at The Pale Blue Dot

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Carlos Zozaya

Area Director of Administration Technique at BAL

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Catalina Rodríguez

Gerente de Proyectos en COMFAMA

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Daniel Soto

Co-founder en Xamba

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Emilio Arakindji

Partner at MD Partners

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Francisco Azcúnaga

CEO Crecem

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Gabriel Cerdio

Partner at Ainda, Energía & Infraestructura

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Gaby Zapata

Advisor on issues of inclusion and financial health

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Guadalupe Mendoza

Institutional Development Director at IMCO

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Jorge Cueto

Founder and CEO of Prison Art

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José María San Juan

Director of Economic Studies

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Juan Pablo Martínez

Legal Director of Artha Capital

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Luis Bernal

Consulting Manager at Integration Consulting

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Luis Montalvo

Senior Consultant

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María José Céspedes

Mexico and Central America Director at Latimpacto

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Matias Kelly

Social Entrepreneur

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Matías Lanus

Vice President at Elevar Equity

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Pablo Hutterer

Founding Partner - Venture Me

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Rocio Arango

Directora de Innovación de Ruta N

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Soffia Alarcon Díaz

Director, Latam, Sustainable Finance at IHS Markit

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Sofía Alejandra Paredes

Gerente Sr de Vinculación Tecnológica

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Tim Kunihiro

Managing Director at Rippleworks

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Ximena Arguelles

Executive Director of 7Mares Consultores

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Ximena Moreno

Marketing en Mercado Pago

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“We are your community”
More information: colectiva@nvgroup.org